About me

Annie with her latest Plymouth from the Past painting
Annie with her painting of Old  Plymouth , early 1900’s

Artist Annie Meakin has lived in the South west of England for most of her life before moving to the Highlands of Scotland for 2 years .. She now lives in the spectacular French Pyrenees in the south of France

The inspiration for Annie’s paintings come from a truly diverse range of subjects. Her worldwide travels, and treks to far-flung places, have provided Annie with a bank full of visual images,  the subjects are endless.

Annie has a Diploma with Distinction for painting and drawing from The London College of Art. However, it was while studying for her Bachelors and Master of Arts degree in Theology/Spirituality in which she majored on the Art of the Renaissance (her thesis is in the library of Monsignor Verdon of Florence Cathedral- adviser on Renaissance Art to The Vatican), that the inspiration came for the visually graphic and challenging Encaustic Stations of the Cross, which have been exhibited in both Exeter and Truro Cathedrals. Encaustic is an ancient discipline using molten wax, which is why Annie has used it mostly for her sacred art works.

Annie paints in both Oils and Watercolour depending on the mood and scene in focus. Indeed, when approaching any artwork, Annie reminds us that it can be a window into the Spirit of the artist, forming a bridge from our physical world into something that can be experienced beyond our senses. Think of the times when a piece of artwork has stopped you in your tracks or taken your breath away. …Just be open to be changed for that moment in time…. It might surprise you….